Atrocious, Disgusting, Ridiculous, Obnoxious…I dont know what other words to use after I got to know from a News telecast on TV about Mayawati spending 1000 crore rupees of tax payer’s money…

Yes, thats a full one thousand crore rupees on just making her statues. I cant even start to imagine how such humongous amount of money can be spent by a people’s representative. Is this arrogance or heights of shamelessness?

There are so many basic facilities that can be given to the poor people of India who cant even afford 3 meals a day. And providing these facilities would not even cost more than a few crore rupees. And here we are spending hundreds & hundreds of crores on self-gratification.

After hearing all this, I am reminded of K.Kamaraj who was called a King maker in Congress. He was an epitome of honesty & integrity. He had made sure that he or his family members do not receive any type of gifts lest it puts him under obligation for giving favors. He was the one who said all senior leaders in the party should resign and devote time to organization building to send out a message to people that their leaders do not have the lure for power. And the best part – he turned down prime minister’s post when Lal Bahadur Shastri died indicating that the country needed a more well educated Leader to represent our country in the world arena. A thousand salute to this great leader!

Its such a sad state of affairs and this country has seen leaders on two opposite sides of the spectrum. I am angry, frustrated…but then we are the ones who elect such people. We need good people to come into politics and we need to encourage and support such people.

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