Tennis elbow – ouch. The pain is not so much physical, but more psychological. The pain is in not being able to play the way you want to play and how much you want to play. It forces you to be away from your favorite game and thats the worst part.

In this article, I will not talk about the medical aspects of the tennis elbow issue. There are several articles on the web that have a lot of details about the cure etc. I want to talk about my experience of buying a badminton racket that provided me great relief from Tennis elbow problem and had several other benefits. Read on….

The question is – what kind of badminton racket should someone choose who has the Tennis elbow problem? I read another article on the web that explained the science behind using a light racket Vs a heavier one and its impact on injuries. It compared the racket to a sledge hammer. If you swing the hammer with its head on top, there is going to be a lot of power or impact but will affect your arm & shoulder. Reverse it; in the sense hold the head of the hammer and swing the handle and the feeling is different.

The same analogy is used for the rackets being heavy on the head Vs the handle. Companies like Yonex, HEAD, Wilson, Ashaway have head-lite racket series. These rackets are light on the head and slightly heavier on the handle. Such rackets are ideal for people with shoulder injuries or Tennis elbow.

I did a lot of research and finally bought Yonex Nanoseries 4500 for myself. Nanoseries is the head lite series of Yonex. Had carbonex 7000DF before this. WHAT A RELIEF after I played my first few games with this new racket. The stress on the elbow has reduced to a great extent. Given the racket is overall light (80g only), the speed of swinging has increased and hence I am able to react faster to picking up shots or hitting back clears. Smashes are quite good because of speed of swing. The best part is that it has improved my backhand shots which typically is a weak point for many players.

Wow. what a racket. Thoroughly satisfied with it. The specs for the racket is given below –

Flexibility Medium
Composition (Frame) Graphite
Composition (Shaft) H.M. Graphite, FULLERENE
Weight / Grip Size 3U (85.0-89.9 g) / G3, 4, 5
Color Blue

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