Phone icon is missing in my new IPad. Where is it” – this is how I exclaimed on the day that I opened my IPad3 package and booted the tablet.

For a few moments, I was thinking I am missing something. Probably there is something to be registered or that you need insert the SIM that is full activated. I got around to getting my micro SIM and installed it; but still the Phone icon was not to be found. I start to get a bit desperate now. After all, IPad is supposed to have all features like an Iphone except that the IPad is a larger form factor.

I start googling and surprisingly didn’t find a lot of posts when I gave the search term as that the phone icon is missing. Finally, I did find a reference that was useful. That indicated something to the effect that IPad has not been designed for doing phone calls. It does have data connectivity, so you can still make VoIP calls. Then it got me thinking. Why is it designed this way? I can make VoIP calls, but cant call through the mobile network. Not that I am a fan of holding a 9″ device against my ear and look stupid trying to call, but I can always use a bluetooth device!

Anyway, I am happy with the staggering picture quality of my new IPad3 and the flexibility of using it almost in lieu of my laptop. Do I miss the calling feature? Well, not really..kind of used to it now.