It should come as no surprise for photographers (amateur or professional) that the Lens cost a lot more than the actual Camera body itself. Each Lens could cost in the range of 1.2 Lakhs (Indian Rupees) or upwards of $2000. Is it worth it? or Some just cannot afford it.

For professional photographers, it may be a viable option. For hobby or amateur photographers, it may be a big ask. Its not a single lens after all. There are so many varieties of Lens – Fish Eye (wide angle), Macro Lens, Zoom or Telephoto Lens and so on. Each of these are suitable for different types of shooting like Street, Birds, Macro, Sports etc. This is where the concept of renting Lens comes in.

There are several vendors who rent out Lens on a per day basis. You just have to register with them with your name, address and provide proofs for the same. Once this is done, you can start renting out the equipment. The Lens cost anywhere from INR 250 per day to 4000 per day depending on expensive or sophisticated the lens is.

Who are the vendors or companies that rent out Lens in Bangalore? Here are some of them:

Toehold ==>
Tapprs ==>
bookmylens ==>
RentALens ==>

Check it out. This gives great flexibility if you are going on a vacation or are shooting for an occasion like a wedding or something. Enjoy!

[update – 21st Jan 2013]

I became a member in Toehold last week. Process was simple, had to submit documents for Identity & Address Proof. Next day got an email that the application is accepted. I also rented a Lens this weekend, the 18-200mm one when we went birding near the Valley School & Bannerghatta Park. All I had to do was to call them up and block the Lens for me. I picked it up on Saturday evening 4pm and returned it before the following Monday at 11am. The charge was for one day only and costed 550 rupees for this lens.