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Rick Riordan: Master of Myth

Richard Russell Riordan Jr., better known as Rick Riordan, is an American author who is most famous for the ‘Percy Jackson’ series. I started reading his books in maybe 2013, when I¬†was 11 years old. I started loving books after I read his stories. Most people might think, “Oh, its all about mythology. Surely it’ll […]

Pench National Park, MP

Pench National Park is in Madhya Pradesh, but shares the border with Maharashtra. My best Tiger sightings till date has been in Pench. We had a Tiger Sighting pretty much in each of our 4 Safaris. The Tigers we spotted are Langdi, Collarwaali, and another Tiger in Water (not sure of the name).

Tadoba Tiger Reserve – Must visit for any wildlife lover

Tadoba Tiger Reserve in the state of Maharashtra is one of the best Tiger National Parks in India. Tiger sightings are typically rare but you are certain to spot one or two atleast as long as you do 4 Safari's atleast. Lot of opportunities for Bird sightings as well
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