That’s Maya the tiger! She is a popular one for the tourists and spotted quite often.

It was one of those early morning Wild Life Safaris in the cold month of December 2014. We were approaching the end of a 5-hour Safari and had to reach the gate by 11am. We were on our way back and at about 10:10am near the Panderpauni gate, Maya (P2) was spotted. She was on the safari path and then disappeared into the bushes only to reappear from the other side. We were appropriately positioned to get a head-on shot of hers as she appeared from the bushes to cross our path. She was quite close to our jeeps as she walked past. Wow!

That was our last safari (out of 5) and it was with great satisfaction that we then returned to the gate and of course kept seeing the photographs repeatedly throughout the journey back home. Anyone who loves Wildlife photography and hasnt seen Tiger in the Wild, make sure you head to Tadoba. It’s 8 hours of Safari if you take both the Safari slots in a day and that’s a lot of time and opportunities to spot these cats. There is also abundance of bird species, a couple of images can be seen in this post.