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Dal Kichdi from Sanjeev Kapoor

I tried this Dal Kichdi recipe from YouTube video uploaded by SanjeevKapoorKhazana. The video may be found here It came out quite good actually. Here is a written version of the recipe in case someone doesnt want to go through the entire 10minute Video.


Rice – 2 Cups (soaked atleast for 20 minutes)
Moong Dal – 1 […]

Home made Cakes for Kids birthday party

Some cakes baked at home for our daughter’s birthday. The kids simply loved it!

We typically think fancy decorations cannot be done at home, but its actually possible; you just need to have the right baking equipment.

Reshmi Paneer Tikka & Mint Chutney

Another experiment. This time it’s a Nita Mehta recipe, from a book that I recently purchased of hers. I like her books because she starts from the real basics like how to cut vegetables, how to cook rice etc. You can follow step-by-step with the confidence that you will get it right if you follow […]

Banana Cream Cup Cake

My first attempt at making a cup cake. My mother picked up this recipe from, which is a very good and very simple recipe based website. The videos on this site are in Telugu (Indian Language), but you will find written instructions in English.

So a couple of images from my first attempt. I picked […]

How to make Vegetable stock for Soups

The following is one of the ways to prepare Vegetable stock for Soups. You will see recipes talking about using Vegetable stock, while I have found the taste can be good even by using plain water. But using Vegetable stock will give you richer taste

The following method will give you stock that serves 4


1. Peel, […]

Tomato Egg Drop Soup by Sanjeev Kapoor

I happened to pick up this recipe from one of Sanjeev Kapoor’s Egg Recipe books. Tried it out and it was yummy. Thought of writing it up for the benefit of the online users.

This recipe will serve 4


3-4 medium tomatoes, finely chopped
2 eggs
2 tbsp cornflour
5 cups vegetable stock (see end of this article for the […]

Mint Chutney for Tandoori Dishes

This is one of the best recipes I have seen for a chutney. Found it originally here which is well written. I feel the original recipe is for very large quantity, I had to make some changes to make it for a quantity which would be sufficient for 4-5 people when you have starters like […]

Tomato Soup by Sanjeev Kapoor

Here is a quick write up of the Tomato Soup Recipe by Sanjeev Kapoor. If you want to see full video, see here

Serves 4-5

BayLeaf 1
Onions 1 (medium), finely cut
Carrots […]

Cream of Mushroom Soup Indian Recipe

Credits: Sanjeev Kapoor’s Khana Khazaana channel on YouTube –
Explained below is a simple & easy to follow steps of the same recipe:


Button Mushrooms (halved) – 15 to 20 (200g)
Bay Leaf – 2
Onion finely chopped – 1
Whole wheat flour – 2 Tbsp
Salt to taste
Garlic finely […]

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